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What new moment is remarkable in payday loans industry?

Analysis of the credit market shows that only in 2019 appeared on it about 12 new entities. This means that, in principle, every month customers will be able to take advantage of a completely new offer. Moreover, non-Bank companies already operating in the market are also introducing new products. Thus, the loan offer is very rich. What service is worth paying attention to when deciding on gaining credits?

Products tailored to your needs

There is no single client profile of a labor company. We all have different needs, different opportunities, different situations and financial histories. It mainly depends on these latter, what kind of product a person will be looking for and, therefore, what products will be available just for her. Credit card companies are well aware of this and try to adapt their offer to the needs of customers.

Parameters, calculations, requirements

As we have already written, the market is really a lot of products. Thus, you can choose the most suitable. It takes into account not only the parameters of the table-the maximum amount of liabilities that can be dragged, the loan term, the value of RRSO. It is also necessary to take into account the special requirements that the client must fulfill in order to receive additional capital.

Special situation

Among the new moments, of course, notable are those characterized by a high percentage of remuneration. In this case, we are talking primarily about situations where the client is already in debt or appears in the list of BIC. Not every entity working in the loan sector will consider such a person to be reliable, and thus provide her with loans. However, there are companies that do not verify their customers in BIK, NSD or ERIF. Although their offer is limited, in these more difficult situations you can get financial support from them.

Loan free

Loan with RRSO plasującym at 0% – this is definitely a product that stands out. Typically, such loans are provided to entities as part of the promotion, and this includes new customers who have not previously used the services of the company. There are indeed many such proposals. How much and how long can you take it without paying a penny Commission? The upper limit reaches 6 thousand. the loan duration is 30 days. In most cases, however, they are lower amounts, within 1 thousand rubles-3.5 thousand zlotys borrowed for a period of 15-30 days.

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